How to link Pan Card Aadhaar Card

How to link Pan Card Aadhaar Card

Pan Card Aadhaar Card Link Process Step by step

In 2022 Government Decide to 31 March 2022 Before All Pan Card holders link pan card with Aadhar card mandatory.

How to link Pan Card Aadhaar Card

Lots of people don't how to link Pan card to Aadhaar card, they are giving 100 / - & 200 / - Rs. to Shop keepers in rural area. after reading this Blog you can link your pan card to Aadhaar card, Easy.

1. Go to this website

2. Register your details.

3. Login with your user name password after registration.

4. If you Not seen after login Pan card Aadhaar card link option, then click on Profile you seen below link Aadhaar card option.

5. All ready details mentioned date of birth, Gender Also all ready mentioned.

6. Now put your Pan card & Aadhaar card details, if you get "mismatch error" then you need to update Aadhaar or pan card,  All details same, "ex- Name spelling. date of birth".

7. after put card details, click on link button.

8. after process complete you can seen pop on screen " Successful "

9. This is another website for link Aadhaar card & Pan Card

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